Aligarh shg meeting report

                All tisa
members, welcome to Aligarh self help group meeting.
Meeting was held at naqvi park in Aligarh. There is very
good place for such meeting.
stared at 10:30 am. There are six participant hemant chaudhri, yahya kirmani,
ankit saini, sajid pathan, mohd shakir and me(sikandar).
I hosting the meeting, First of all each member gave self
introduction.  mohd shakir is new member.
We stammer on name as volunteer stammering.  Practicing some technique like bouncing , prolongation
etc. we saw some video on stammering. And next is experience sharing round. Shajid
and shakir shared their very interesting experience about stammering in which
shajid said that he tried to suicide. We tried to extend our group.
  There are
many new members are joining our meeting


going rocked…


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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Very nice sikandar bhai.Encourage the participants to write about their experiences.
    Keep doing,keep sharing.

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    I was a little worried at the silence. Ok – everything is fine. Great. Let us get ready for a communication workshop at Aligarh- end of December or beginning of the new year. Please tell the participants, that those members will get priority who regularly attend SHG till the communication workshop..(and afterwards too, of course).


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