Rally to Celebrate Victory on Stammering at Pune

We 6 PWS at Pune took street on October 22 to celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day. We gathered at Pune Railway Station, started with two banners holding on the main gate of the station. We had few inquiries from PWS and many non PWS regrading the banners. It was a thrilling experience to sell stammering to people as many people were watching us. After waiting for an hour at station, we went outside to the street, took photos, recorded our speech. We had large number people asking on the banners. We hope to see few more new PWS join from next Sunday at SHG meeting. We shouted slogans like “I am proud Stammerer” and also “Haklao Magar Pyar Se“. These two slogans were making us emotional when we shouted in a group on street. It was like a victory rally for us on stammering.

We celebrated this victory by cutting a cake. While we returned back to Railway station gate, we became more bold, so we stood exactly at the main entrance of the railway station with two banners having these two banners at prime locations. We had again large number of people asking questions. Pranjal talked a rikshaw owner and asked him to gather all the rikshawallas. So Pranjal addressed to 15 people on stammering that too without any blocks. Abhinav also joined Pranjal and addressed to that group. Overall, it was another great, joyful, and courageous act by Pune SHG.

Virendra during Oct 22 Celebration

Pune SHG


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Wowowowow… what courage!
    I am sure many travellers by train will go home and tell to their families, villagers, colleagues, panwala, chai wala, bhajiwali – what they have seen at station! The message is clear – people who stammer lack nothing – courage, intelligence, skills, empathy.. In the process, I am sure eah one of you too has gained something invaluable..
    Thanks everyone and a big thank to Virendra, for leading from the front!

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Cant help but share this feedback from a Pune SHG member:
    Yesterday was international stammering awareness day. We, the Pune self help group along with TISA banners went to Pune station and talked to many common people about stammering and spread awareness about it. I talked to a group of auto rickshaw drivers and few other common people and told them how to behave with a stammering person and much more. It was great. Few people took our phone numbers for further contact. It was like we stripped naked ourselves to the people. It was so soul relieving. I am so happy. 

  3. admin 5 years ago

    Thank you Sir. Yes hundreds of people were watching us and definitely they might have noted site and blog names displayed on banners. As it was a working day we had just 6 PWS joined. We would be having similar activities on one of the Sunday in a month. Going to street with banners and bringing awareness to the people. At the same time having we talk more openly to strangers.

  4. admin 5 years ago

    Big Salute to all Pune SHG members…

  5. admin 5 years ago

    Bravho Pune SHG team!!

  6. Vishal Gupta 5 years ago

    Hats off sir to you and to your team I have no words to say coz what you are doing is just out of the box I am very very happy


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