meeting report
Date: 02/11/14
1.      Play with
video camera
2.      Random
topic speech
3.      Discussion
on acceptance by Ashis Agrawal
4.      Talking in
market with volunteering stammering
There were eight members ashis agrawal, lovish arora, sajjad,
gaurav, ankit saini, yahya kirmani and me(sikandar alam). Ashis hosted the
It was a fantastic and nice day. Firstly we recording video
and transferred to laptop and analyzing our stammering behavior. In this
activity we saw some members are not making eye contact, some are making body
tight while speaking.  After that we gave
speech on random topics.
Ashis Agrawal had been coming from dehli for our meeting. He
addressed members, some important points discussed by Ashis
1.      We have no
choice that we stammer or not but we have choice of how to stammer.
2.      All
techniques are design from observation like all stammers are speak fast so
stammers should speak in slow frequency
3.      If we try
to speak then listener wait but if we never try then how people help you.
4.      If you
initiate or go ahead for speaking then automatically you can make a way. ie where
there is will there is a way so try.
5.      We always
claim to others parents, God but not accept as we are
6.      We are very
7.      We always
want to speak without stammering but doing nothing for it.
8.      We defeated
without facing problem or without knowing what happened after stammer.

In the next activity, we went to
market area and talking with many strangers with volunteering stammering. This was
first activity with strangers of Aligarh shg. We are very happy, calm and got confidence.
And after talking with stammering with people, their reaction were very nice
they looked that he is speaking with some block and repetition nothing enough
they answered us very calmly.
We braked some negative thoughts
and enjoying a lot…      THANKS TO ASHIS

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Beautiful! All of you, PLUS Ashish, deserve special thanks. Ashish is very good as a COACH, since he has walked this long path of self help himself. This is a FINE moment for TISA and self-help. Now you must keep on these practices for at least one year, to ensure enduring change in yourself.. Some of you can and should go to Delhi shg- to return the visit, whenever you can. It can be lot of fun and deep learning.


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