Bangalore SHG meeting report- 2nd November, 2014

On this beautiful Sunday morning 11 of us congregated , albeit not at the same time, at our usual meeting spot at Cubbon Park to continue with our ‘Stammer..but with ease’ objective. Dinesh, who arrived late but with a box of sweets, deserves a special mention. We also welcomed a new member, Asim, to the TISA family. Asim has come all the way from Saharanpur, UP for speech therapy.

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

1. Introduction and Press conference: Each person will tell his name and then face a round of rapid fire questions from other members. You are free to ask any question but the right to answer or not remains with the interviewee.

2. Chain story telling: One person will start a story and the person next to him will continue in any way he wants. You can take it any direction and make it as ridiculous as you want.

3. Two truths and a lie: every member will tell 3 statements about himself. One of them will be a lie. The other members shall guess the untrue statement.

4.  Extempore:  speak on a random topic

5. Loud reading: Read from AHJ or bring your favorite book. You are encouraged not to focus on fluency but on voice modulations, bringing emotions in your speech, etc.

6. A discussion on what more we can do in our future meetings.

We had a lot of fun, especially in the Story telling round, which people took to ridiculous conclusions. Pramod shared his experience of his interview at Radio Mirchi. Anupam delivered a speech on Ebola which was followed by a discussion on what would happen if the disease were to spread in India. We also discussed an idea to implement a Toastmasters like program for those who would like to develop public speaking skills. The assembly dispersed at last around 1 pm with everyone going back with a smile on their faces.

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