A new take on stammering!

Friends, check this website. A warning however- this is not “easy to grasp” stuff. But after couple of reading, when you do understand, you might say: Wow- never thought of that!
While there are plenty of websites, promoting usual approach to stammering (“Stop stuttering in seven minutes!” etc.), Zach and Joshua ask some basic questions and force you to think laterally, creatively and in refreshing ways.. Check their FB page and tell them what you think..

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  1. admin 5 years ago

    I loved their website and the 'dysfluency is okay' approach. Most of us, and that includes PWS, look at stammering as a problem which needs to be fixed. Speech Therapists call us 'patients'. As role models, we only talk about those who have stopped stammering visibly. When someone tells me Hrithik Roshan used to stammer, it doesn't inspires me because I have never seen him struggling with his speech. I cannot relate to him as a PWS. For me, a better role model would be someone who continues to stammer but has gone to live a fulfilling life. We need to find such people and celebrate their success instead of people who have become fluent.

    I would have never joined TISA if it's focus was on speech therapy and fluency. I don't want to chase fluency. I want to be happy and successful. Thank you, Dr. Sachin for giving us this platform where the focus is on message and not the medium.

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Thanks Tanveer. It is tough work not to believe the world when it constantly tells us – there is something wrong with you, you need therapy…


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