Vipassana – feedback.

Dear Tisa;
I just finished my first vipassana course. Briefly here are my thoughts..
        Vipassana is the type of meditation. It is the combination of  sheel ( morals ), samadhi ( fully concentrate our own mind) and pragya ( knowledge which got from your own experience ).
        After vipassana; I feel very confident and stable. It gives me a way to improve my concentration and purifying mind leads to stability in my thoughts that influences on my speech too. It also provides positive mindset towards our problems and also the way to react with that problems. It also planted seed to remove sankaras like anger, aversion, afflection, craving, temptation, etc. In case of stammering, when I compare myself before and after vipassana, my speech is improving because of mind stability which slows my speed of talking that results in improved word throw. Before vipassana,  I try to reduce my speed of talking but I couldn’t get any improvement. But in last 3 days I improved myself in slowing my speech.
      If we follow their rules seriously throughout the course, it really very much beneficial to us.  I think it is very helpful to pws. I appeal to all, every one should try vipassana at least once. vipassana teaches to know ourself i.e. our conscious and un conscious mind on the basis of sensations of our body.

warm regards;
Vishal Yeole. 


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    I'm interested in doing Vipassana.
    Can u plzz tell the procedure for the same??

  2. Sachin 4 years ago

    Google and join- there are many centers..There is one in Dehradun too..there is no fee- but yes, there are some, go for it..


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