Bangalore SHG Meeting report- 16th November, 2014

Before the SHG meet even began, we were given hints that something special, something surprising was in store for us. Karthik changed the name of the Whatsapp group to the ‘Song week’. They, Karthik and Pramod, had attended a session at NIMHANS on saturday and came back with a new approach to look at the way we speak. I was part eager and part skeptical to see what they had planned.

The secret was unraveled on the Sunday. Pramod introduced us to the this new style of speaking, where you sing what you have to say. To understand the concept better, please watch the following video:

There are entire movies made on this style, which are called Musicals in the USA.
As none of us could compose our own tunes, we picked our favorite songs and fitted our words into the tunes. Pramod and Karthik started with a demonstration and invited Sharath and I to join. It was difficult to start, as all of us were conscious of being out of tune and sounding stupid, but gradually as we warmed up, it was one of the most fun sessions we had. It was as if someone had removed all the stress, all the tension we normally associate with speaking. You were free to move around, to make exaggerated gestures, and to modulate your voice. Though, you are also free to do that even when you speak normally, very few of us do that. Most of us tend to speak in a dull, monotonous voice.  As more people joined, everyone participated by asking and answering in a musical voice. We even had a group discussion using this technique. It was hilarious! After the SHG meet, we decided to go out for lunch which was followed by visit to the Gurdwara.

Today I realized that expressing myself can be fun. It need not be a laborious, torturous activity. It also need not be done in an artificially calm, clinically measured voice, devoid of all the expressions. Speaking can be made fun, if you think creatively.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (November 18, 2014 - 8:22 am)

    Wow , reminds me an old movie- Heer Ranjha: all dialogues were in beautiful verses.
    Great fun. Keep sharing,so that other shgs can benefit…

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