First WWS(Women Who Stammer) SHG….

After a long time I am writing here….but definitely with a strong topic this time….
We had our First WWS (Women Who Stammer) meeting on 23rd Nov’14 in Bangalore…. 🙂

We had three members today.
1. Anita
2. Aruna
3. Myself
Akristha, another wws, couldn’t make it due to some unavoidable situation…hope to see you next time…
We met at around 12pm. It was our very first wws meeting and we didn’t have any “specific agenda” , but we discussed about various things written below..

1. Meditation- I started the topic. I have a very keen interest in meditation but every time I start sitting calmly closing my eyes, millions of other thoughts come into my mind and I ended thinking that meditation is not my cup of tea.. But as discussion started Aruna and Anita both told their way of meditations (obviously for everyone the act of meditation is not same).. What they believe about meditations, how that is necessary for every we should not be strict on ourself during meditation.. After the healthy discussion, I am pretty sure that now I can also meditate with my million of thoughts..

2. Experience of WAC- Dr. Aruna recently attended World Ayurveda Conference. She shared her experience.. How she started the presentation and how after getting stuck in some words also bravely she continued her topic and ended getting a big round of applause.. First of kudos to Aruna for getting a chance to represent her topic in WAC. Obviously its not a small things. From all over the world,only a few topics get selected for WAC.. And after getting a chance, presenting the research in front of world wide crowd is real a very bravery thing… Truly we all proud of you Aruna..

3. Bal Mandir- Anita started sharing her views of her recently visited organization called Bal Mandir.. Its a government organization of keeping children who are thrown away in the street and who are somehow got detached with family… How the children are not able to get their education and how they don’t know about any of their rights… We shocked knowing that even though that is a government organization still they are not providing any education to them… But they welcome voluntary education. Its a very heart touching topic to discuss.. we all suggested our views and once we will get all information from Anita (she will get from one of her colleague), we will go to that place and will start do something for them.. Always thinking about ourself and about our stammering we really can’t change anything. We will have to come out of our comfort zone..

4. About hobbies and Plan for next one year- We discussed about our hobbies and what we really want to do in next one year… And what we are doing to achieving our dream… Only having the dreams is not enough until and unless we start moving towards them..

We ended our meeting at around 2.30pm.. It was really a successful first meeting… Hope more wws will open up their thinking and will come forward….  🙂

And last but not the least Thanks to TISA for everything…so that we could meet other stammerers and try to break our barriers.. 🙂


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  1. lashdinesh 5 years ago

    Wow!! First wws shg! Wonderful thought Upasana and all the best for future meetings.. May be you can start a whatsup group for wws across India! A exclusive forum for wws is much needed.. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Thanks Upasana, for taking the initiative! As you rightly say, thinking all the time about ourselves and our stammering, does not really do anything helpful.. it only makes unhappy, sad and may be selfish and self-centered. Life passes us by.. Let us raise our sights and get interested in other issues and people.. Thanks for painstaking documentation and PROMPT sharing from all of us..

  3. admin 4 years ago

    Keep going, Allred best!

  4. admin 4 years ago

    Wooow 🙂 Nice one…Keep going


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