To tell or not to tell?

(Ed: We have anonymised the post, just to be on safer side.But we all know who this old TISA friend is. All power to you, K!)
Hi folks,

I know I have not written for a while in this group and new folks here would not know me. This is K from B.

I had gone thro’ a lot of roller coaster rides. I had been to a VISA
interview in chennai. Its a hot place and without AC you cannot survive

My VISA interview process happened for 2 days. One day was for
OFC and the other was for the actual Interview. OFC was straight
forward and I did not have any struggle there. It was interview where I
had to bring forth my experience in dealing with my speech. I had to
wait for 2 hours in the Que. 1.5 hours outside and about 30 mins inside
the Embassy. I tried to be confident till I entered the building. The
security process was too much. I spoke to many folks who were standing
in front of me and behind me, so that it will be a kind of practice
before I give the interview.

I was made to stand in the Que which had 2 persons before me.
The first person’s VISA application got rejected and he was arguing
there. That made me little tensed. When the next person went I was
standing on the line. This person had a travellers VISA and I was able
to see other people in the counters getting jacked royally for a B1. All
sorts of questions were asked to them. I was sweating in a AC Hall.
That time the security person asked me to go back becoz he told there is
another person who just entered, whose turn is next. 🙁 Well.. The
tension started to build more as the time went on. the lady who was in
front of me got her VISA approved. She left happily. Now this new person
who appeared from nowhere pushed me back and went. He was for a B1.
Same thing. Got firing of questions from the Embassy person. I was
literally standing on the line of fire that time. He left upset. Seems
his was not approved.

Next was mine. Embassy person called my number N-175 plz come.
Gosh.. I took out my passport with my wet hands(I had sweat in the AC
Room) and gave it to that person. He asked my name. – My name is
KKKKK…. He saw my face and then back to seeing the computer.

He then asked me why are you going to US. He was seeing the computer
monitor and was asking me.. He repeated 3 times..why are you going to
US… then he saw my face… I was with red face stammering… Then
finally got the word out. Business Visit.

He was thinking that I am not confident enough to attend the
interview and he started to strike the documents. During this process I
remembered the technology that I follow in skype calls. Speak slow. I
had practiced the previous night with another fellow PWS my good friend
B who had come to my hotel room. We had about 4 hours of practice. I
gathered confidence and I told him. Sir, I stammer, so please expect
delay in my answers in a prolonged way in a loud voice.

Instantly he saw my face and told me “Ah. Do you? Thats ok. “.
He then asked me couple of more questions. How long are you going to
stay in US. I took a short breath and answered him slowly Its for 4
weeks and the schedule is attached. Next was “Where do you work?” I
mentioned my company name and he saw my face with a smile. I was
standing there booming with confidence and like a rock with a smile on
my face without any sought of tension. He told me “Your VISA is approved
Sir. You will get a text message on the status very soon”. I thanked
him and left from the counter happily.

Thats it. It was like facing the tiger headon. This was a
wonderful experience which I will remember for some more years 🙂 …..

skype calls and the previous night practice with my friend B has
really helped me a lot. One learning that I got here is “If you are
conscious in your way of speech, the stammering is less. Its not a one
day task. It just comes by experience. If we are just thinking about our
stammering and stammer, we will only keep stammering.
Thanks for the patience in reading my experience. Take care.
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    (December 7, 2014 - 4:16 pm)

    Excellent Mr An anonymous.
    I had similar experience years ago.

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