Haklo’n ke Khiladi!! Part-3

Ha ha. haa…Hiee every one once again, mmmmyself A… A.. Atul
Sigh from Lucknow. I know its long time since I posted anything here. Truly
guys when you get busy it becomes an INFINTE LOOP, you are busy, then you are
more busy and then much more. But fact is it’s all about priority, Have u heard
of anyone saying “यार आज बहुत बिजी था, ऑफिस नहीं जा पाया|”. So I accept
my mistake and I’m very annoyed on myself for not sparing time for this blog.

Well life was very
unpredictable this time. In continuation to where I ended in last post, now I’m
quite good in showing presentations and dint miss any chance to be on stage
(and I’m loving this). But I was sensing that I wasn’t practising that much as
I should. Blame the no. of TISA
members here in Lucknow (Its 2 including me), or exam schedules of both of us
(me & Pramod). Also my visits to Gonda (my home town) were too little that
I wasn’t able to meet “Akash Janwadi” another TISA
member there. So I thought of starting voice chats with other HAKLO’N KE
KHILADI’S on whatsapp. It went quite well but then it was quite a task for our
mentor to manage 5-6 whatsapp groups. And here came suggestion of having some
dedicated Voice-note groups on Whatsapp, and this started a new beginning of
practising our speech. As I informed everyone on Facebook that I started a
group named “TISA_FM haklate raho”
dedicated for just voice messages. It was a very good experience started with
just 2 or three members (Who have a RJ soul built in), now we are good 15 members
with one person a non-PWS friend of mine, who was quite fascinated about TISA (must
have experienced some changes in me). There we practice our speech through many
activities. Here we have expertise in Antakshri, poems reciting,
sher-o-shayari, toungue twisters, role plays,old experiences, speech on any
given topic, and everything else one can think of. But the favourite one is
definitely unleashing that RJ hiding somewhere in us. Each and every one goes
like “नमस्कार मैं आपका होस्त एंड दोस्त आर-जे so and so”. Listening to Sukla singha di(TISA
member from Agartala)one can have full belief that yes being a PWS doesn’t mean
u are any less capable of some of the best RJ’s out there. It not only helps in
practising our speech but also to erase all bad thoughts regarding our
stammering and Fill u with too much positives.
As I told earlier I was
quite out of time these days, had to travel a lot from Delhi, Gurgaon, Alwar
and many more places. But yes in between managed to attend Delhi SHG meet on
one fine Sunday. It is always a great experience to have pleasure to meet other
PWS and share one-another’s experiences. There I met the then host Avinash
bhai, Indresh (a new joinee of TISA who belongs to Lucknow), Shibu, and many
more. And yes how can I forgot Sikandar sir, who gave us many tips on how to check
our speech. We spoke, we listened,  we
debated and we meditated.

But the main reason of
writing this blog post was yesterday’s activity on the Whatsapp. Yesterday we
were having an Antakshri kind of play where we give a word and all have to sing
Song having that word in its “mukhda”. It was very wonderful, Akash bro was
quite good, Sukla di was awesome. We came to know the hidden talent of Ajay
brother (apart from working in IBM), really guys he is awesome in singing. But
the best part was when the turn came of Abhinav, we heard a lady’s voice in
duet with him. Actually she was his mother. A mother singing with her son in a
speech practice activity…. I felt really very happy.  I thought a lot and then came to point that
it could be very easy not only for us but also for our family and dear ones if
we involve them in our activities. It will give us the moral support we require
to improve our speech.

And that in my opinion will be the breakthrough we are looking for. And ya, got news about Communication workshop in Aligarh. I wont be able to attend as have exams till 30th december. But anybody who can attend plz go for it, it helps a lot.

 Guys i think this is it for now. Expect next post Sooner, Wish u all a very hapy and prosperous day.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Haklo’n ke Khiladi!! Part-3


    (December 3, 2014 - 4:40 pm)

    Atul- you have a great sense of humor! I absolutely loved your post..
    And yes, a big clap for Abhinav and his Mom! They are role models! Someday, we will hit the jack pot and actually start a FM radio: TISA FM-Haklate raho..That will truly cure many people, and therapists, of their mindsets..

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