The interview

Another true incident:
Hi guys!  I wanna share my experience. My technical interview started at 11 am. The interviewer was a kind man. First he asked me to introduce myself. I said my name fluently,  first time in my life I guess. Then I got stuck on my college name. The interviewer asked me are u nervous or u have some problem. Then I told him about my stammering like V…. sir told me. I told him I am a member of TISA. I am working on my stammering from 2 months. He said fine and asked me to drink water and be relaxed. Then he said to continue. Then I told everything in a prolonged way. Then he asked me about my project and some oops sql and C questions. I answered as well as explained with example. Then he said fine- I am done with interview and told me If I wanna ask some questions. I asked sir whether my stammering will be a hindrance to getting selected in the interview. He said no that’s not the problem but you need to improve on it alot cz you will need to meet new persons and clients. I said ok sir I will. Then he asked some sql questions and said outside for result. I and my friend both thought we won’t be selected. But then the representative told me that anshu you are through to the hr round. I was happy as anything. Me and my friend both went to hr round together with 2 girls. Hr was simple. We needed to speak on the essay we wrote i.e social media boom or bane. I spoke for 2 mins then he said ok and like wise all spoke for 1 to 2 min. Then hr said ok guys are you willing to relocate and join by 22 nd dec. We have 3 months training etc. Then he told us to leave and he will mail us within one week. Very lengthy message I guess equivalent to my essay …

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