TISA Hyderabad Chapter News – 7th Dec

We were 8 members for the meeting.
1)Siva 2) Suresh 3)Ramesh 4) Purna 5)Gnyan 6)Kusma 7)Manoj 8) Rajesh
Meeting coordinator for the day: Purna
Its been 3 successful weeks that we started physical activities in our meetings, we are jogging for sometime and then resting body and then going for meditation and other activities.
Physical activity increases brains plasticity and the more the plasticity the more the connectivity between neurons and this will make a great brain 🙂 Forgot all those science…physical activity is always best and we at our SHG want to be best, Isn’t it !

The other activities in the meetup are book reading of Swami Vivekanada of facing fear.
Everyone read one point and explained it to the group.
Everyone explained what techniques and what kind of speech practice they do to control their stammering.
We also had a small topic on how laziness can ruin our life.
Through out the meeting we followed slow speaking by helping each other.

Together we step, Together we succeed!

Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 944 00 92559    email id: rajesh.jaca”at”gmail”dot”com
Purna 9704917950  
Ramesh 9885112812     email id: rameshbabu_123@yahoo.com
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93″at”gmail”dot”com

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “TISA Hyderabad Chapter News – 7th Dec


    (December 14, 2014 - 2:13 pm)

    I am impressed Rajesh! What you say about physical activity is 100% right. Physical exercise is antidote for bad moods, depression, lethargy and procrastination… beginning it is difficult, but if you do it as a group – as you all did – it becomes easy. Actually, I personally follow a regular schedule of varied physical activity thru the week religiously – and this is the secret of my recovery. Unfortunately some people don't believe me, when I tell them the simple truth !!


    (December 17, 2014 - 5:31 am)

    Thank you Sachin ji.
    I am happy and fortunate to know this.
    Knowing this from you, we will be more inclined to do physical activites and with dedication.
    Thanks for your support..

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