SHG Meeting Jaipur Chapter

On 14th Dec. we decided to meet after a long time. We were 4 members but only 1 (i.e. me) finally reached the destination. So I could not do a lot of activity alone and I decided to spread awareness about Stammering and TISA. Initially I was a bit unconfident but I gave it a try. I went to an uncle with my pamphlet in hand. Uncle was not interested and he refused to talk about stammering. It didn’t discouraged me infact boosted me that I alone can do it. Then I went to 2 young boys and interacted with them and told them about stammering and TISA. Again I went to a group of three person and interacted them. While talking with them I noticed that my speed and fluency both improved.

Overall I enjoyed the meeting and that too alone!!!!
But what I learned is we need to be positive about our stammering and we should not run on speed and fluency: they would come by default.
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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Thanks Ravi. Zen has some paradoxes to help people go beyond barriers og rational mind and grasp a deeper idea : clap of one hand! Stammering too has its paradox : difficult to grasp but it works: more you accept and stammer openly, more fluent you become , as you noticed yourself. but most pws put the cart before the horse: "i will talk AFTER i become fluent !"


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