SHG Bangalore meet up 21/12/14

Today the climate was
nice and little cloudy and cold. I reached at 10.30am to SHG meeting.
In the meeting there was 4 guys (Dinesh, Anshuman, Jai{new guy}, and
We strated our
meeting somthing like this,
  • General
  • Small
    Introduction round
  • Impromptu
    speech or table topics
Here I am skipping
the general discussion becuase we were talking on some politics, day
to day thing in office, etc.
In intoduction we
had to say about our (name,place,which company your working on, and
if person wants to add something by self).
Anshuman first
started and he intoduce himself very nicely. After Jai gave his
introduction. Next was Dinesh and last me.
When Introduction
round was going on. I was thinking “Why introduction is must? Why
every time I have to give intro even guys know me”? And then
suddenly answer came “Hey why because if you not introduce yourself
here. Then how can you introduce yourself in the real-world”. And
really “The more you practice, the better your skills are.
This time the topics
were differet and we stretch the time line. From 1min to 3min and
10secs to prepare your topic because of less attendees.
Anshuman’s topic
was, “If society ask for suggestion to build a statue a famous
person in your city. Who would your choose?”
Jai’s topic was,
“Suppose your the CM of Karnataka then how can you clean our
Dinesh’s topic was,
“ If there is 3 dumbo guys and your have to to motivate them, then
how can you motivate”
My topic was, “ If
gorvnment make Karnataka as a dry state then what will happen”.
All guys did very
well and when Dinesh was giving his speech I was engrossed in that.
And it was 12:00pm.
We all planned to go for the movie (PK). But unfortunately we didn’t
get tickets 🙁 . Then we had lunch and move back to our nest :-p .
At last I would like
to add one more thing. Please come to SHG meetings don’t be lazy, if
you have urgent work then its fine but for some unneccesay reason
means your lying yourself.
“The secret of
success is sincerity”.
By -Jean Giraudoux


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Would love to read your reveiw of pk from you guys..
    Communication and these soft skills are so important that one should take time out…
    Anyway, four are fine to have a good practice…

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Great topics for the impromptu speeches. Sounds fun!


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