Hyderabad TISA news – 21st Dec

We were 8 members – Gyan, Manoj, Ramesh, Mani, LakshmiNarayana, Ramu, Mauzzam and Rajesh.

We have meditated under the warm sun, it is so liberating ! try out !

The whole day we were just speaking on instances where we stammered and what could be the cause of that uncomfortable situation that made us stammered.
It is said that greater percentage of cause of stammering is because of fear and anxiety rather than the neurological problem.So if we control fear and anxiety then controlling stammering shall be a manageable task.
Fear and anxiety comes because we dont have control on the situation or we are not having awareness of what the situation is. So proper analyzing of situation will help us in controlling the fear and anxieties and which in turn minimizes the uncomfortable factor.
Just think back ! lastly when you stammered, It is for sure a greater reason of uncomfortable situation or fear.
Being in calm mind and understanding the situation in front of us is of greater help than anything else.
To gain control on situations which we face daily there are few things to fasten in checklist.
1) Dont keep pending tasks – This will make you strong and efficient performer.

2) Be true to yourself – because you own your life !
3) Don’t do things to please others at the cost of betraying yourself.
4) Dare to say NO if needed – if you are worried to be so then here is a good news…Everyone on earth like a frank person than the later. So better be frank and show the frankness in words and actions.
5) Have a checklist of to be done tasks and tab it more often to complete it.
6) Write down in a sheet of paper any one instances of stammering and analyze the situation – if you analyze it properly then you will get 100% answer of why you have stammered in that situation. Write down what were your feelings when you were stammering at that moment. Writeup should be so detailed one that none of your thoughts shall be missed. Every thought which bothered you and also every thought which helped you to come out of block and made you in block shall be recorded in that paper.Finally read it for n times and you will be surprised to see the reason of your stammering in that context. One of few thoughts might have made you very low. So try to gain control on that thought. So that next time when you face any similar situation you shouldn’t get low by that thought. You shall do a lot of hard work to gain control on that. So that after few days and after gaining control on one such thought ( or reason of stammering ) you have reached a point where you are confident on one situation or instances where you stammered. Like that pen down every time and you will find another reason.
So 100 such reasons you found out and after gaining control on 100 such is equal to that you have gained controlled on 100 different situations where you stammered in your life.
Like this try to conquer all of them and one day you find a Strong you in your soul.
7) Live in the present and enjoy the bliss – let go of the past with self motivation and forgiveness.
Take the past as only as lesson. And also believe that without lessons there is no conquering of your goals and objectives. Respect the lesson and be thankful for it.
8) Meditate daily without fail – meditation means constant attempt 🙂 to bring your thoughts to make it a real entity. As you meditate – you visualize more and the more you visualize the better the probability for it to happen before you as with this your neurological program is at its best after visualization.
As all know with meditation connection between brain’s neurons increases and it in turn helps in good coordination between them.
The neuro muscular mis-coordination will be minimized with meditation.
Grey matter increases.
Plasticity increase…like this there are n number of uses ! which we all know and the funny and surprising part is we hardly find to meditate.
Let me get you more hard on it to and stay with it.
Surprising facts come when you observe patterns in your life and specifically in our TISA members.
Just think about people in our TISA family who have gained control on stammering !!!
Yes get their names in brain stack – Now just see what all they have done in common ?
Yes it is meditation !:) Name anyone who gained control and you see them that they are very good meditators. They do it regularly without fail.
So do meditation regularly.
I know few members who skip their breakfast if they have to choose between breakfast and daily practice.
Efforts kept in actions will for surely show the desired results.
Show commitment, show respect to the process, believe it to the extent of the truth that you are alive.
9) Live every moment so happily as if it were a gift – Even though we die of a tag named stammerer so what ? Still the life which we lived is a choice and we chose it to be that way.
You have a choice to cry or to laugh. You have a choice to live or die, You have a choice to be awake or to sleep..to stay hunger or to eat and in all the instances we always make a choice.
So be effective and be smart in choosing your choice to be a satisfied soul.
If you do so one day you will get up from bed saying yourself that it is enough of being tired, enough of feeling the stress and anxiety, enough of seeing negativity, enough of seeing downfalls and that day you will step down from your bed with a confident foot which will get you into a world of full choices and just pick your choices of what you want.
This is life isn’t it ! You choose what you want from the choices is the best luxury which you can gift to your life.
Stammering becomes a smaller context and Celebration becomes a wider context in Life in that moment.
That day you are living life at its best.
I wish we all live it to that extent and enjoy our every moment of life.
Wishing you a very great new year ahead for all of us ! Advance happy new year !


Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
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