WRONG things we do in the name of STAMMERING

  • Reaching office in time
  • Getting properly dressed
  • To shave in time to have a clean shaved look 
  • Finishing office work in time (my work hardly involves 25% speaking; rest 75% is my professional technical skills)
In my previous job as well as in this job, I lag behind in above stated points (last point is somewhat not that problematic, I do finish my work in time anyway).
But, I am terribly failing in all other 3 points.Even, my office boss have stopped scolding me anymore for getting late everyday because she have ACCEPTED that Ashish will never ever come on time.Also, she have realized those soft scolding doesn’t have any sort of impact on a stubborn personality like me.Anyways, this is not the point of discussion here.The issue is – I have observed that if I exhibit respect towards office timings and I dress well with a clean shaved thobda (face); I would speak well.Still, I am not doing these things.
But a wrongly programmed mindset owing to the negative self image developed of stammering habit have made me lose interest in any sort of grooming.I hardly remember wearing a dress with a passion to look nice.I would reject the consideration of any sort of personality grooming on the ground that- Dude, you stammer.Any personality grooming practice not going to make any positive impact on your personality because you stammer and you don’t have any right to look good because you stammer.
Similarly, I have almost lost any desire to make a good impression in my professional life by showing any sort of respect towards basic discipline (like punctuality) and showing even a small drop of enthusiasm towards my job profile.I just merely finish my assigned targets without shaking my mind at all to get some new ideas which my boss would always asks me to come out with.
So the bottom line is that in any of above stated points, tongue doesn’t have any role to play-in walking you need legs and in shaving you need hands to do the task.So for GOD’s sake, why would I behave in this idiotic manner?

Now after experiencing a lot of things in my journey of acceptance towards my communication struggle, my emotions have calm down and I can see myself separating from that negative persona and I can conclude that we do a lot of WRONG things in the name of stammering and eventually end up making it more difficult to manage our communication challenges.

If we work towards reprogramming our attitude to change these negative habits to maintain a good positive personality in our professional and personal life ,then cumulative effect of these positive habits will surely help us speak better. 


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Accurate analysis. It is time we were honest with ourselves- and moved ahead on these fronts. I think dress shud be formal for next NC!

  2. admin 5 years ago

    @ Ashish…its amazing the way you have captured your internal thought process..these self mirroring sessions..internal dialogues make us wake up from our slumbers and inertia..now wake up the giant in you !!!

  3. admin 5 years ago

    @ Sachin : I think that would be a great idea..!!

  4. admin 5 years ago


    It requires lot of courage to accept your shortcomings and sharing it with every one.

    You are not the only culprit with all these shortcomings. Stammering plays a very important psychological role in shaping our personality.

    At least you are honest with yourself. Many people do not even know that solution of problem lies with in them and they start blaming others especially god for their problems.

    It requires lot of hard work and dedication to reprogram our attitude. Its not an easy task and most of the people just quit the journey in halfway.

    Join meditation course or start practicing it daily if you already know. Start taking efforts to reprogram your attitude. Focus on holistic development, start doing random act of kindness and you will see tremendous changes in your personality. But most importantly do not quit the journey of reprogramming your attitude in half way.

    Have a great new year ahead.


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