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27th Dec. : I arrived on the evening before (26th Dec); Sikandar had arranged for our stay at the guest house on the campus- thanks to Disability unit (thanks a lot, Dr Abdul Fazli!). Next day, we started at 10 am. About twenty participants were there in inaugural session, presided by Dr Abdul Fazli (link). Introductions, some speeches, some fun. A young boy, Vijay, also was there. After inaugural session, we introduced and practised techniques; had some free flowing discussions, some Q & A. And some energizers. We did stammering interviews too- among the participants itself.

Day two: We practised “pull outs” after covering other techniques like (eye contact, Voluntary Stammering, pausing etc. Then, in twos (dyads), we went to Library and interviewed strangers using a questionnaire: there were plenty of people entering or leaving the library. This was most challenging- but in the end, very rewarding too! Many participants did more than one interview- inspired by the new-found liberation from hesitation. After lunch, the group was divided in two and given a script (“Teen Bhikari“- sounds familiar?). Both groups did it very well, with improvisations.

Day Three: One of the participants shared that inspired by the ideas of acceptance, he met his boss that very morning and sorted out a little misunderstanding, related to stammering, in a very satisfactory manner. One participant from Delhi, shared his story and emphasized that if we do not practice, do not keep in touch with our SHG, we can slide back and old fears, denial, avoidance and shame can overpower us again. I shared some slides, audio files about prolongation, some video clips- all feeding into free flowing discussions.

Then we again did interviews near the library- but this time it was about “Client satisfaction” (library, student support services etc.). While interviews were going on, I was given a round of manuscript section at the library: I saw some amazing Calligraphy and very old manuscripts, carefully preserved – Copy of Holy Quran, penned (copied) by the fourth Caliph, another one with Persian translation between the lines and commentary on the margins. Amazing & Beautiful! And yes, we also donated four copies of AHJ to the library for students.

There was a Creative expressions round too. Some sang, some shared real life funny incidents, jokes etc. Asif shared following couplet:
Kaun kehta hai, mera maashuk haqla hai
Yunhi kabhi kabhi, juban lad-khada jati hai..” (cla.. cla.. claps!)
Sajjad delivered a “Ghatak” dialogue. Yahya sang a song.

Post lunch: Dr S Javaid Akhtar, presided over the meeting, where in all the participants gave a brief speech and received their certificates. Sikandar and his friends brought some sweets for all of us. Last discussion of the day was about how do participants see their journey moving forward AFTER these three days. Almost everyone realized that ball was now in their court and keeping in touch with SHG is a good idea. All this happened in spite of internal (sessionals) exams taking place at the same time for some students, Sikandar included- and the severe cold! But I must say, pws are people with special abilities- like Krrish or superman! They can do anything ONCE they make up their mind!

Thank you friends, and may the new year be NEW in every sense for you, friends and family! May it bring peace, understanding and inner joy!

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    (December 28, 2014 - 1:10 pm)

    I did my intermediate from AMU. Nostalgia 🙂


    (December 29, 2014 - 3:58 am)

    Yes, Tanveer it is a nice place. Wide, clean, relaxed. People have time to stop and talk. Great campus.

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