2nd SHG Meet in Nagpur

SHG Meet in Nagpur -11thJan’2015

As per the Schedule we reached K-Square restaurant at 2:00pm in Nagpur. Akash who Came from Akola (200 Km away from Nagpur) reached there before the time. It was his first time to attend the meeting. SHG Meet was attended by Vikas Chauhan ( Agra), Manish Upadhyay ( Nagpur) Avi Mane ( Nagpur) Nishant ( Amravati) and Akash ( Akola).

Meeting began with introduction of each other. Nishant and Avi gave a brief introduction about NC. In between Manish Upadhyay reached there, then we celebrated Akash’s b’day with Cake. Previously we all met Manish except Akash, so Akash gave his introduction and discuss about his stammering Problem. Manish Upadhyay sir told some techniques how to face the situation during tuff words. We also shared our view on stammering situations. Vikas chauhan asked some inspiring thoughts so that, we don’t dare to skip the Speech Practice. Everyone put their thoughts on how to do speech practice. Then Manish Upadhyay sir Promised us that he will give us a chance of stage speech to tell about our The Indian Stammering Association in his institute. We gave the responsibility of next SHG meeting to Nishant Athawle. Meeting was finished with group photos & Tea.

Group Photo (From Left to Right) : Nishant Athawale (Amravati),Manish Uphadhyay ( Nagpur), Akash Kukreja(Akola),Avi Mane (Nagpur) & Vikas Chauhan ( Agra).

Report Written By : Vikas & Akash,
Posted By : Manish Upadhyay


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Being part of a group like this may itself be the great motivation..
    I m sure Manish will keep on finding worthy challenges for you guys…
    Best wishes!

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Congrats Nagpurites…you are blessed that you would get chance to speak on stage…. enjoy it fully


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