Regular Meditation helps!

Received this testimony from Dnyanesh (Goa):
“..I was working for a company past 6months from may to oct .i was very
much disturbed during those six months not because of stammering mainly
but also from other issues like authority and mainly because their bad
ways of treating fresher employees.I was thinking to do vipasana to
recover from it faster.
I am a member of sahaj marg(ram Chandra mission
already)…but frankly speaking I was not practising it
regularly.Aroundafter 1month there was a 2 day workshop of sahaj Marg so
my coordinator from goa asked me to come to the workshop.Since I ws not
engaged anywhere I thought of attending it.After attending it  I still
could not feel the difference..may be I was in my past unforgetable
events.But after around 20-25 days I think I started to feel the
change..and I strongly feel it is the effect of two days workshop which I
had attended.. There was a very much need for me to impress people
before..but now I just don’t need it to be very very much honest. If i
can get the change just by attending 2days workshop I cannot think of
people who are doing  it for past so many years and on regular bases.But
I feel I should do it on daily bases now regularly so as to sustain the
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Post Author: Sachin

1 thought on “Regular Meditation helps!


    (February 6, 2015 - 1:06 am)

    You just attended 2 days of workshop. Imagine if you follow the meditation and other activities regularly, I can guarantee that you will find lot of changes. This is the one thing which I do since last 12 years and it has helped me immensely. The only other thing besides joining this is to accept the stammering fully.

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