Quantum leap!

Friends, have you noticed a new trend in the stammering field? I hope you have not missed this important movement, in the confusion of techniques, therapy, programs, recovery, cure etc. This is about looking at stammering in a totally NEW context- this can help you gain a new understanding of your stammering and yourself as a pws. Here is just a paragraph. Follow the “Read more” link, to grasp the idea further (discuss it in your next SHG meet or skype session; it will be very thought provoking.):

“..This is because while it’s true that not all SLPs do all
of the things that DIS has critiqued, the much more important point is
that every person who stutters still experiences the harmful effects of
SLP as a whole. Our society has taken the discipline
and industry of SLP as the default way of understanding and responding
to stuttering, and the things it says about stuttering affect every single one of us, whether we’ve ever set foot in a SLP’s office or not
…”  (read more)


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  1. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Very good efforts
    I also want to be part of NC

  2. admin 5 years ago

    New approach to see stammering in our life…what is need of fluency..cherish ur disfluent ways


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