Life before 2 years ago….Life now….

Two years ago i was a shy nervous person , full of negativity towards stammering…But now I am a slightly +ve person… who still gets frustrated with stammering but still try to do what he wants to and what he should do.I didn’t dare to travel alone because of the fear. This time around went to Delhi….went to meet my college friends …den went to meet my Bua…. Today i had a interview in one of the govt company. The old anxiety still crept in…..but today i tried to take breaths in b/w and try to face d situation and the most important i at least dared to attend the interview.Though my interview didn”’t go well…..but still until and unless i give 7-8 interviews….only then i would be able to manage myself more…. I admit that stammering can be frustrating for a person but still you can achieve whatever u want to…..with or without stammering.Who could imagine from Indian society point of view that a stammerer(Hrithik Roshan) can become the most desired man in Asia and deliver flawless dialogues in Jodha Akbar…..But he did..Came to know about a person who is director HR in one of the esteemed MNC’s……..3-4 days  ago, i got a chance to interact with Sr. President of a good Indian company who also had/has stammer. It is we who are the stumbling block in our progress. Why do we get shy of speaking when we know that stammering is just a slight different way of speaking. I still get shy but at least i try to face  more  situations. Lagey rho Bhaiyon ……agar hum Mehnat karenge tabhi hamara chance badega interview ko clear karne ka… …Life mein stammering ke alawa bhi bahut kuch h…..

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Thanks Karan! Recovery from stammering is straightforward and simple- accept and then work on it- attend shg, nc, travel, prepare, rehearse, reach out to strangers, help others and receive help from other pws- as you did and the results are obvious.
    In last two years, you have transformed yourself and you can take the credit yourself, instead of giving it to some therapist!

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Sachin sir…..Still a long way to go…..Really u showed me the path when i was very anxious like many of PWS are about their future.


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