The story in Deccan Herald!

Thanks Javaid for this great write up in Deccan Herald! and Thanks Vishal and Abhishek and all of you who participate in SHG- in different cities in India! A good idea becomes viable only when lot of people practice it. (Just a couple of unintentional issues like Physical trauma in childhood as a possible cause of stammering- otherwise a very balanced and objective write up.) Let us keep on educating society about this issue which affects us in so many ways…and which has often been – mistakenly – believed to be just a bad habit or lack of confidence or habitual hurry! (check this to see that stammering does have a biological basis; that we are not imagining things!) PS: The cartoon is about “cure clinics”. No offence meant! Just laugh and forget…

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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Well done Vishal and Delhi SHG!!


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