SHG Meet Chandigarh

After a gap we decided to meet on 21.02.2015 at 11.00 am  at our usual place in sector 33 park Chandigarh. I reached there by 5 minutes past 11, but was pleased to see that Jasmeet Singh was already there for the meet. We sat on a bench and started talking. Jasmeet has done B.Tech and is looking for job. Meanwhile Paramjeet Singh who works with BSNL also joined.  Alok who has recently joined RBI was to join but could not come because of pre-occupation in office. We had open session and all shared views for what should be done to come out of the mind set for stammering. First step towards recovery is meeting regularly and sharing our views. Paramjeet expressed that meeting is always one step forward for more confidence and freedom. Jasmeet shared that he is feeling great after meet and feeling positive and confident.
     We concluded the meet at 12.30 pm with a decision to meet again shortly.
TISA members in and around chandigarh are requested to join the next meet.  


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  1. jasmeet singh 4 years ago

    The meeting was really helpful to me as a stammer. It's like a part of family grouped together to help each other with years of experience, the positive feeling I received from them encourages me to eliminate my fear of stammering..
    Looking forward to meet other member in next meeting.
    Last but not the least finally I can say now there are people in Chandigarh who understand my feelings and I understand there.. feeling great☺??

  2. Sachin 4 years ago

    Wow- congratulations everyone- esp. Jasbir ji! Pics are great and make names feel so real!

  3. admin 4 years ago

    Jasbir sir you are always my source of inspiration.
    After meeting you in Mohali on 26 June 2014 has given my life a great turning point.

  4. admin 4 years ago

    great Jasbir sir…I hope to see u at Communication Workshop
    by the way you 3 are looking very handsome

  5. admin 4 years ago

    Jasbir Sir….TISA is lucky to have a gem like you to inspire other PWS to overcome stammer.


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