Morning Meditations

Friends, I love to begin my day with some BBC! So, today, I heard about this trending youtube video about a child- born in girls body, but who feels like a boy. Please check this video, and also listen to him directly, towards the end of the video. I am sure this will help you understand what “acceptance” can mean to us and others – even to a little child. There is an amazing degree of diversity around us – but unfortunately, we tend to see this diversity as “right” and “wrong”, “black” and “white”, in mutually exclusive opposing terms…

The second beautiful thought BBC left me with, this morning, was a story about José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano – the humblest president, from Uruguay. I hope when ever we, the Indians, are in a responsible position, we will remember this man from South America. Here is a link (with video) about him..


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