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Ever felt the
soft breeze blow against your face? Ever heard a bird in the early
hours of morning? Ever felt the sound of the rain drops in your
garden? If no, then you probably have not experienced the wonder of
nature. If yes, then you should know the beautiful ways of
communication of nature.
Communication is
the feel I try to focus on here. How nice does it feel when there are
no barriers of communication? When an orator speaks in front of a
thousand people and they just get hypnotized. An actor performs his
role on the stage flawlessly and the audience gets a glimpse of the
entity emerging there. Or when there is a group of friends trolling
down the lane, a sense of unity and compassion can be seen.
Yes, it feels
very nice indeed and the truth is that I miss it. I miss it now and I
missed it in the past in my school, my college, everywhere.
Unfortunately, those days will not be lived again and a major phase
of life is over.
But, I definitely
have the hope for the future. Here, I remember the lines of Swami
Vivekananda, “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached!”
I feel great to get associated with TISA and I’m already feeling
the vibes of positivity around.
Here, I try to
discuss my life, up and downs of my life. I will be dividing this
into three portions- My School Days, My College Days and My
Transformation Days.
My School Days
According to
myself, I was the shyest person I could ever imagine. And this
shyness was not because of my nature but because of my helplessness.
The big question, “What if?” was always there and still it haunts
me sometimes. There were days when I would go to school, attend my
classes, come back home- and not a single word uttered. Whether it
was classes, laboratories, outings, reading paragraphs from the books
or talking to your class mates- it seemed to be mammoth task for me.
And this fear grew into a big monster as the days passed by.
I remember when I
was called for the viva and asked the first question, I could not
utter the first line of my answer and my viva was over. I was
misunderstood for being an introvert and who does not socialize. But
the irony is that I was not able to tell them that it was not so :-D.
But I’m lucky
in the sense that all the people I met in my school life and who are
still with me are very supportive. Be it teachers, my friends, my
class mates, my tuition mates, everyone. By the end of my school, I
just had a desire in my life- I wish I could live it again!
My College
College Days
means that now it is time for your youth, it is the time of all fun
you can ever think of. College is the most happening experience for
you- fun, booze, love, affairs, trips, bunks, and the list goes on. I
took admission in engineering although I wished to enroll in Delhi
University. It’s alright; you just cannot change your fate.
I remember when I
took admission in college, there were supposed to be introductory
Personality Enhancement Program. And this was the first thing in my
life which gave a boost to my confidence. I felt lively, happy and
participated in all the activities provided. But once it was over, I
slowly crawled back into my den. My stammer came again to haunt me
all through the years.
Everyone around
me was having the time of their life by making new friends,
girlfriends, boyfriends and I was just a recluse in my own world. I
didn’t talk to anyone feeling ashamed even before I make a move.
Then finally, came the final year of my engineering which has an
alternative name- placement year.
Unfortunately, I
was not able to appear for my interview because of my low grades as I
was pathetic in engineering. But, what if I were able to appear for
the interviews and group discussions? These questions still haunts
because I need to appear for those in the near future. Again I had a
moment of perception that- I wish I could live it again!
Transformation Days
Now what exactly
am I supposed to mention here? Let me summarize it here by saying
that I am striving hard to do away with all the imperfections I have.
Firstly, after six months I see myself as a fit man who indulges in
different activities like cycling, gym, swimming and jogging. Then I
wish to learn meditation for I am in a desperate need of focus in my
life. Thirdly, I need to study hard so that I can crack my Civil
Services. Then, I am a blogger who likes to write on health and
fitness on my blog
and I would like to pursue onto a whole another level.
Last but not the
least, I want to speak now. I want to communicate with people. I want
to share my feelings with this world. I want to motivate people and
embrace them on a journey of transformation.
Now we have our
whole life ahead and I wish to live it as much as I can. I wish to
travel, meet new people, learn new traditions, learn harmonica and
flute, try out different cuisines, learn meditation, roam the
Himalayas on my bicycle. I had lived in misery for my whole life and
now my speech cannot stop me. I will strive hard and change the
course of my life as I can see the silver lining in the far horizon!
And finally one
day I will say- I wish I live it again and again and again!
Editor: Congrats Mohit! Beautiful write up. You ARE communicating already.. Your second life begins.. Open all your rockets full steam! BTW- you have a nice blog! Keep writing…

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7 thoughts on “LIVE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN

    Pratim Bandyopadhyay

    (March 21, 2015 - 8:59 pm)

    Well written Mohit.
    R u in Skype?? Or do u have any contact number??

    Pratim Bandyopadhyay

    (March 21, 2015 - 8:59 pm)

    Well written Mohit.
    R u in Skype?? Or do u have any contact number??


    (March 22, 2015 - 2:44 am)

    Great expression and writing. Liked your blog. You may change the background color of your " vegatrian weight loss diet" chart from Greyto another color. It is hazy on my tab


    (March 22, 2015 - 6:28 am)

    Hi Pratim, thanks for the compliments. I am on Facebook with same name and pic mentioned here 😀

    Hi Abhishek, thank you for appreciating it. I was trying to create an infographic using Powerpoint but it was a failure 😉 . Your suggestion is welcomed and I will change the color accordingly.


    (March 22, 2015 - 7:07 am)

    Rightly quoted Mr. Mohit
    "Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached."
    on the journey of communication , the first step is sharing,which you have already started.
    Nice blog. Please keep sharing.
    Be Happy.


    (March 25, 2015 - 5:24 am)

    Hello Mr Jasbir Singh, Thank you for your kind words sir 🙂

    Tassganda Duggal

    (December 24, 2015 - 10:52 am)

    well written mohit .
    Dont get upset of a flaw in you ,see what good you have from Almighty.
    Stay happy and love to see your Article very soon .
    Cheers !

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