We were right on the time at around 3′ O Clock. Our meeting
was begin on a very hot and warm sunny climate.

 We were two members –
1. Suraj
2. Mohit
At first its seem bad time for the meeting but with a passion in
our heart and faith in our mind, we initiated our meeting.
Before going for a meeting, we visited two different
but very renowned temple of danapur cantt.
1.Kali mandir (estd. 1224), 791 years old,
2.Navlakha temple(Ram mandir).
Today the meeting was certainly not more than the physical training.
We had a long walking meeting, stalked around 2 km round the ground and sone river. It was a
thrilling and a tiredful meeting but we both enjoyed it lot.
When I failed to walk more, suraj said me to rebuilt your
stamina. It seems impossible but it helped me for walking more. The moment we
realise,we are out of our energy, it is a perfect time to rebuilt it. It
give us an extra potential for moving forward.
– we talked too much (shared some amusing and experienced moments)
– Did breathing exercise.
– We talked with our techniques.
Finally we dispersed after taking some pictures infront of st.
luke’s church.

                                                                                                                     Written by : mohit
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  1. abhishek 5 years ago

    very nice post.. when I come to patna I shall try to meet u ppl


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