Its Time to GIVE BACK

Hello Friends !!Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog.
I would like to share my journey with TISA
Its been almost 1.5 wonderful years since I have been  part of TISA.
Before joining TISA I took Speech therapy from Apollo Hospital,Delhi for about 3 months.Though i recovered a lot from that speech therapy but relapsed occured some time after I left Speech therapy,this is because speech therapy doesnt work on :
  • FEAR- This is one of the ,major part of stammering though unhidden.Apart from Mcguire Programme I haven’t heard anywhere working over fear of a stammerer and fear is a BIG OBSTACLE in one’s speech improvement .
  • ACCEPTANCE- No speech therapy never ever tells you to stammer openly and without acceptance there is no path to recovery.
  • Interaction with fellow stammerers – If a person shares his/her mind with a fellow stammerer he feels good and it helps in overcoming from psychological tensions a lot.He/she feels relaxed and becomes open to live life in a NEW WAY !! out of his stammering shell.

But after joining TISA everything changed.I started knowing how to confront my fears,how to accept that I stammer,how to improve my speech by attending SHG meetings ,Google hangout,reading blogs and by interacting with fellow stammerers.
Whenever I get demotivated because of ‘bad stammering day’ I read this blog and the personal experiences of fellow stammerers tends to rejuvenate me to face my stammering more boldly and Yes I will BEAT my Stammering one day.
Though a lot of ground is to be covered as I still face fear in talking over phone in front of others and in also in many other situations but I have improved a lot .I have learnt a lot from TISA family and I will continue whole heartedly to beat my stammering .
Now I want to start SHG in MORADABAD,UP and for that I want stammeres from moradabad to contact me as soon as they can to start improvement in their lives.I want to share my experiences and learnings with them so that we all can improve and get out of your fearful,unhappy life.
DO share your valuable comments on how can I reach to fellow stammerers in my city as I am not getting any response from anywhere even after trying a lot.
Thanks and its time to GIVE BACK !!!!!
Himanshu Kapoor
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (April 6, 2015 - 5:28 am)

    Thanks Himanshu. This is the best way of starting a shg – by being open and sharing our own ezoeriences and thoughts. Stammering is a social pathology. This is why any approach, based on social dynamics (like a shg, blog etc) has more chances of being effective than individual paid therapies…
    Be ready, however, for a marathon than short sprint…
    Best wishes…

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