46th Self Help Group Meet Chandigarh

We were total 5 members namely myself Jasmeet , birthday boy alok, vineet, parmjeet sir and Sandeep.
Alok and me arrived first at garden after that vineet joins.  At very beginning of meeting alok received a call from his friend and he smile and thanks him. 
I said to alok what happen, 
He smiled and says,  it’s my b’day today.  
After that parmjeet sir and Sandeep join us. With some introduction parmjeet sir starts the conversation beginning from the roots of stammering. What is stammering ?  how we come to know about it ? What the main cause of it?  The depths of stammering?  Everyone explain their feeling and every one connect each other, the common thing among us is that at adolescent age, we are reserved personalities, don’t talk so much, we are affaried of audience reactions and affected by them so much that we have cornered ourself (Same for every pws )
Parmjeet sir told us to get rid of your past wrong experience and eliminate all the negative vibs. 
Motivated us to enhanced your personality  become a good person rather that to worry about stammering all the time.
After that a small reading activity took place in which all of us laugh at each other stammer,  I personally felt very relax. each of us enjoyed and it become a memorable movement for me that in center of garden,  more than 100 people were there and we were laughing like no one is watching.  dancing enjoying our stammer ohh.!! God… what a movement it was. 
Afterthat Parmjeet sir  share his experience that,  he was going to his village after very long time but in the journey thinking about the reaction of his GM/boss that, what I say to him when he call me, why you have taken leave, where are you going, all that *what, when, how, why, and sir says all the journey have been spoiled and his boss doesn’t call him as he was busy in his own work.  So sir trying to explain that we pws assumes so much in our mind and creates a negative loop which is totaly unnecessary.
As alok also says when he goes in his GM/seniors cabin, he start assuming that  what I say, how I talk, what to do next, as GM is a busy person. I have to be perfect. And result anxiety increases and that’s why we lost our control and thus stammer more than normal.
Parmjeet sir explained no matter what situation we are we should control our thoughts and work on it.
Sir than give a very good debate on hard work and smart work and encourage us to work smartly with group efforts like a team.  Generally pws corners themself, like i did sometime back. Now I realised it is not the right way,  one should share our problem together with friend’s and family and can tackle any obstacle of life with love and support.
Sir also suggest to write down your feeling, thoughts,  share with the group. If you are feeling low or having a meeting or an interview just text in group or can call anyone. Feedback can also be given.
Vineet is persuing MCA and Sandeep BTECH last semester. It was our first meeting together so we listen very carefully and have learnt a lot. Many thing happen and learnt which At present I can not explain. Other members can also add there experience.
At last alok the birthday boy give us treat in sector 17. And after leaving I have seen a confidence born among us.
  I was reading a quote and want to share it. 
It says :-
Spend a day without bothering about what others do or think.
Half of Your problems will die.Think over it, Its really worth Giving a Thought.. !!
All I can say about life is… enjoy it.

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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Great efforts Jasmeet, Alok, Vineet, Paramjeet and Sandeep.


  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Great write up, guys! Keep at it…

  3. sandeep mehra 5 years ago

    it was great meeting


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