Friends, here are two free courses, which anyone can do at their own speed and learn something deeper about communication:

Why I think it is important?
Having counselled many pws over last one decade, I have noticed that many of us keep on wondering and worrying about stammering (is there a cure? why not? what kind of cure? But so and so said this and that..? which is the best therapist? But he charges this much..? Will there be a relapse? then? etc. etc. etc.). They never worry about learning how to convey an idea, in different contexts, how to develop a good logic and how to present it, so as to make the best impact etc. I have seen even those who pws who have developed good fluency- but still had no clue as to how to conduct an interesting conversation! This is why TISA believes that COMMUNICATION is more important than other things AND that, COMMUNICATION needs to be learned with same seriousness, with which we learn Python, Excel tricks, web-designing etc.

Lastly, I myself have done both these free course and found them VERY VERY useful. Friends, go for it!  After completing, you may post your certificate here!


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