12th April SHG Report Bengaluru

Hi All,
             We gathered at our usual meeting place in Cubbon Park , Bangalore. It was cloudy day . We were six of us.
1. Siddharuda
2. Akash
3. Dinesh
4. Pramod
5. Shivali
6. Anupam

We started by welcoming Shivali . She is trained speech-therapist  with a master’s degree in Speech and Audiology. She came along with Pramod. She wanted to see our SHG meeting to know about our techniques we use . Second round was about views. Views we have about other SHG members. Each of us took turns to tell positives and scope of improvement about others.
This was followed by extempore session.

We had some brainstorming about our SHG. Following ideas were mooted out:
1.Each person will present some skill like dance, speech, song, poetry every week. This will be prepared . Idea is to shake of inhibitions and being comfortable when we are out of comfort zone.
2.Having a buddy member system where each buddy will observe the other . Scope of improvement will be given after the meeting or over phone (as one feel comfortable)
3. Doing some theatre acts in our group
4.Upgrading our TISA website
5.Finding a hall or auditorium for SHG meetings.
We will need more discussions before we come to some conclusion on above two points.
6.Need for prepared speech was stressed upon. Shivali made a point that we should practice techniques on prepared speeches at home and present it in front of the group.

Kindly add any points if I have missed out. Apologies for delay . As always open for any feedback.

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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Very nice report Anupam


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