JAIPUR SHG Meeting Report 19/04/15

Hello Friends
We all gathered at our venue Central Park at 4:00 PM. Although we were expecting 5-6 members but only 3 of us finally turned out.
1. Chandra Prakash (1)
2. Chandra Prakash (2)
3. Ravi

Chandra Prakash (2) was new to us. It was his first meeting. He is an MBBS student so he had lot of questions regarding stammering. So we started off with discussion and after 1 hr or so I finally made him understood about nature and origin of stammering which I learned from Apna Haath Jagannath. After this discussion we started some activities – Introduction using bouncing technique, last week experience, experience of stammering life, role of Meditation and Pranayam.

Then we walk a little bit around the periphery of park and decided to meet on regular basis.
Overall it was a nice meet and I hope that we will carry on doing more and more activities in our meeting.

Thank You
Ravi Kant Sharma (PWS)

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Small steps towards a great goal! Congrats for making a beginning…


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