2nd SHG Meet Dehradun

So here we were at Gandhi Park, Dehradun for our 2nd SHG Meeting. It was 3rd May and being a Sunday the gathering at the park was good. Although, the presence of PWS was less but there is a saying, “Something is better than nothing”. 
Today, there were two of us- Sumit and Mohit (WOW it rhymes!). Due to some reasons other members could not attend the meet. 
Let us tell you something about Sumit. He is one of the oldest associate of TISA. He started his journey with TISA when he was in Class VI. Now he has completed his schooling and now he is preparing for his Engineering examinations. 
Sachin Sir has a commendable control over his speech. And if we talk about Sumit, according to us, he has the second best command over his speech.
When we had our first conversation over phone, it seemed that there was a mature person on the other side. We learned a lot of things from him over our 45 minutes meeting in the park.
As there were just two of us, we agreed to keep it simple and short. We discussed about our personal lives, our past, present and future.
We narrated our journey of association with TISA to each other. Sumit told how Acceptance played a major role in recovering from stammer. He told how he tries “buttering” with words. For example- pronouncing “kha” instead of “ka”. 
Mohit told about his two month old association with TISA. Other than this, he discussed about his past experiences related to stammering. We tried to explore our love life as well but we think “Somethings are better if unknown”! 
We also discussed our plans to identify stammerers in Dehradun by visiting colleges so that a fantastic group can be formed in Dehradun.
At last we bid good bye to each other. Oh I forgot to mention that Sumit asked a beautiful girl to click this snap! The boy got the guts!
So guys we will meet again next time and till then Haklao Magar Pyar Se….

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  1. abhishek 5 years ago

    Very nice write up. Just keep attending shg every week. We all know " ek aur ek gyarah hote hein":)

  2. abhishek 5 years ago

    Very nice write up. Just keep attending shg every week. We all know " ek aur ek gyarah hote hein":)

  3. Sachin 5 years ago

    Yes, Sumit is young but has lot of courage ..
    Keep meeting – without bothering abt numbers…

  4. Sanjib Kumar Talukdar 5 years ago

    Great Mohit 🙂 the frequency of Dehradun SHGs is increasing 🙂 …keep on attending and walking together.


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