Very soon I’ll fall in love with Bangalore…for the awesome SHG group:

Very soon I’ll fall in love with Bangalore…for the
awesome SHG group: Post by Soma Roy 
      From Siliguri…to Kolkata & now
Bangalore…It has been a great journey of my life.The shy girl in Siliguri has
changed to some extent in Kolkata SHG & now, Bangalore SHG has given her a
new platform to improve herself to her level best.
      Myself Soma Roy, from IISc Bangalore,
persuing Ph.D in the subject of Anti-Cancer drug. This was my second SHG in
Bangalore. I’m truly inspired to see the constancy of attendance here. People
do change or postpone their program to attend the SHG. This really proved their
seriousness towards Self Help Group.
     The members of the SHG meet attended on
03.05.15 are: Dinesh, Rohit, Siddarth,
Pramod, Mansi, Tapan, Anandbabu, Thomas, Anshuman, Saicharan, Suryakant, Naman,
Ajay, Avinash, Harikrishna, Sharath
and myself Soma.
     At first, we did the reading practice in
relaxed way from the book “Apna Hath
”. Then, we introduced ourselves one by one. Everyone gave their
intro very clearly. Thomas was very much happy to get a new job & we are
also happy for you dude! (You cann’t escape from giving treat to us.)
    Then, it was the time for prepared speech.
Rohit delivered a nice story named ‘Merchant of Venice’ on the topic of how a lady
can save her best friend’s life by intelligency. Then, Pramod gave a nice talk
about ‘Handshaking’ i.e. how we can judge people by the way of their handshake.
Naman gave a speech about his company. Mansi told nicely about her 5 years Ph.D
work & we all salute her for her contribution to the research of
Tuberculosis. Siddarth (right now, he is married!) has also gave a nice speech
about the impact of wrong decision taken by the Government. Dinesh Sir talked
about an incident of how they went upon to win a cricket match. He showed a
motivational video to all of us of the song of “Say what you need to say… Say
what you need to say… Say what you need to say…”. Anshuman told about the story
of the cinema “Dam Lagake Haisha” and the lesson he got from the cinema that if
we can only accept our good natures then there will be hardly any problem in
our life. Then, it was my turn. I shared about my life story that how I came
across of one of my difficult situations in my life with the help of my father.
Avinash told about his performance in college fest that how one professor
appreciated him for participating the show of Mr. & Ms. Performer of his
college. Lastly, Anandbabu gave a very interesting and motivational speech
about his stammering life in school.
     It was really a great experience for me. I
will try my level best to attend the SHG in every Sunday. I am also requesting to
join SHG to those who have not yet attended it as you cann’t get a better
platform than this. From now onwards, I think I will never feel alone in


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Wonderful writeup soma …. Keep posting

  2. lashdinesh 4 years ago

    Beautiful Post Soma! What you shared in shg was very inspiring. Its our privilege that you are part of Bangalore group!! All the Best!!

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    I m already in love with this vibrant group…

  4. Tapan 4 years ago

    Very nice write up Soma ..! Very frank and elaborate. Keep it up.

  5. Shivaji m 4 years ago

    Good to see lot of crowd.bangalore shg are doing great is looking like mini national conference.

  6. Dhruv Gupta 4 years ago

    Amazing..Look forward to seeing Mansi in Mumbai soon!


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