Invitation for Jaipur SHG Meeting on 10th May

SHG Meeting on Sunday i.e. on 10th May
Venue: Central Park, Gate no. 3
Timing: 4PM – 6PM

                     Let’s discomfort our comfort zone and cross all hurdles.

Agenda of meeting
1. Introduction (in 4 different manner)
2. Experience of last week
3. Discussion on stammering
4. Discussion on latest topic
5. Role of Meditation and Pranayam
6. Prepared speech (at least for 5 minutes) by each member on any topic
7. A proverb or any other remarkable line by each member
8. Joke by each member (at least 2)
9. Impromptu speech (topic to be given by members to one another)
10. Outdoor activities (most exciting)

For any other information, contact
Ravi Kant Sharma

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker