Lal Bagh ke Sher Bangalore SHG Meeting on 17-May-2015. POSTED BY Reuben Lopes

The rain-gods were napping on Sunday morning, and we had a bright sunny day. The meeting venue was shifted from Cubbon Park to Lal Bagh, due to the diversions caused by the TCS Marathon. Nevertheless, unfazed by this change, 11 of us lionhearts finally managed to meet and assemble between 10 and 11 am. We had a new member – Rahul, making it to the SHG for the first time. This turned out to be a all guys meet, we missed the girl gang. Leader of the pack aka Dinesh, led us into the depths of the jungle and we settled upon a 4 bench square formation, good enough to accommodate us all. 

The first round was the Introductions by each member. A brief of the details:
1. Reuben    – from Goa        – working for IBM
2. Harikrishna    – from Kerala    – working for BEML
3. Uday        – from KGF        – working for BEML
4. Rahul    – from Bijapur    – studying M.Tech
5. Anupam    – from Lucknow    – working for Cognizant
6. Anshuman    – from Jalandhar    – working for MindTree
7. Abhinav    – from Lucknow    – working for Spikadel (hope I got this right)
8. Siddharth    -from Manipur – working for Fidelity
9. Dinesh    – has been regularly attending and coordinating Bangalore SHG for last years
10. Nishil    – from Udipi    – working for HP
11. Jaysinha – from Bangalore – working for EY

After that we had informal speeches by 2 members:
Hari – He described a certain interesting custom he observed in a Andhra marriage he had recently attended. The couple went out and were looking at the sky and pointing towards something in the sky. It was the Arundhati Vashista pair of stars, which are unique in the sense that they revolve around one another. This has a deep significance in marriage that the husband and wife will revolve their lives closely around one another, just like the stars.
Reuben – I shared my thoughts on a book “Speech is like a River” by Ruth Mead. The author conveys that speech is free-flowing and from the inner self. We should not let our minds control how we speak, as it complicates things. Speech should be natural like breathing or heart-beat, and should flow from our thoughts.
There was a healthy discussion on both the topics by all members.

Then, Dinesh suggested that we share 3 of our strengths and 1 weakness, as this is a common question in most interviews. All participated in this session. Most common strengths were hard-work, smart work, etc. Most common weaknesses were procrastination, bad time management and lack of initiative in communication.

This was followed by an impromptu group discussion on Sexual Harassment in corporates/companies and Appraisals in office.

We had another discussion on office Presentations as it is common experience for all of us at some point of time. Some key points worth noting:
+ Have very good knowledge (atleast 90% level) of the topic as this will give us mental confidence
+ Try to simplify things, so that everyone can grasp the idea
+ Know the content of your slides and memorize key points
+ Practice your speech (maybe in front of a mirror)
These will help to reduce our fear and deliver a better presentation.

After that we posed for group photos.

But we were not done yet. We decided to go out for a movie. Four of us – Dinesh, Nishil, Anshuman and myself finally made it to Vision Cinemas and got first-row seats for Piku – Motion Se Hi Emotion. Never before have I been so close to a screen. We were literally rotating our heads from left to right, as the characters moved across the screen. It was a light-hearted film on constipation and family, and we all enjoyed it.

Thanks to all you guys and especially Dinesh for this memorable day!!!

For those pws who are reading this report and would like to be a part of Bangalore SHG, please join us in our weekly meetings every Sunday at Cubbon Park between 10 am to 1 pm (near Central Library). You may contact Dinesh (9880050526) or Reuben (9591745252) for any more details.


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Wildlife authorities and TISA is very upbeat: Number of tigers and lions is rapidly going up in various parts of the country…

  2. lashdinesh 5 years ago

    Very well written Reuben. Thanks.


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