Special guest on Skype (Dinesh)

Date: 29/05/2015

First of all I would like to say thanks to Dinesh, to take out his some time and join us on Skype meeting.

He spread the message that don’t go after cure stammering every time. Go after your GOAL and work on your goal. Stammering is a very small part.
And he told us some motivational stories.

We were about 15 people joined the meeting,

Rohit, Prasad, Vikas, Baljeet, Reuben, Padvi, Abhishek, Ram, Manoj, Saurabh, Karthik, Hari, Dinesh and Me (Akash).


****************************** *********************************  ****************
Hello Guys,

Today is Friday and as per our Skype meeting time table. I invited a person and I requested him to join our call.

Brief Intro of this person,
His name is Dinesh. He is from Bangalore and former SHG coordinator. He is in IT industry as an Engineer. He did Vipasana about 2 years back and he is also good communicator.

If you have any questions then please him in the meeting today at 10pm.

If you like to join the Skype calls then please add my Skype ID : akash_super1
Timing: 10pm to 11pm (Indian standard time, IST)


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Aha- Dinesh is the right choice! He has wealth of knowledge and ideas worth sharing..
    Those who are new, here are some (just two from many many) posts from / about Dinesh, giving a glimpse of the man who has worn many hats..


    Go for it, friends…


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