Going against the mind!!

Some days you stammer more than usual and your mind would ask you speak less. Your mind would tell you- Look man, today you are stammering like hell. You are making craziest faces every time you go into a block. Every time you are trying to win over these blocks, they beat you like anything making your ass swollen red like a monkey’s bum. So, don’t you have the common sense. For today, you are going to speak as less as possible. Every thing will be fine by tomorrow and then you can speak as much as you want. 

And, in most of the cases, we obliged.

But, can we do next time a little different. Next time, when you have a bad day in terms of speech, BE OUTSPOKEN. Wear the mask of an OUTSPOKEN man forcefully. Keep on talking. Make all those crazy faces. make all those failed attempts of speech. And…and….ACCEPT THOSE CRAZY FACES AND THOSE FAILED ATTEMPTS OF SPEECH WHEN YOU JUST CAN’T GET THE WORDS OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MOUTH. That can be the moment of TRUE ACCEPTANCE


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  1. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Guys ,after acceptance ,in your daily routine we have to motivate yourself .we can do by speaking some sentences . I am using this one,
    GUYS speak it with full energy 3 -4 times per hours.it will boost up ur confidence .
    Try it and never give up.fail again try again

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Yes, true acceptance. But going a step forward, I wish we could see ourselves thru the eyes of the others for a second. We only think that we know what others are thinking (a cognitive distortion- and a huge self indulgence). Barring our mom (and the girl friend, if we are lucky!), who cares a damn about our speech? Yes, the world has a million more worries, concerns…
    Thanks Ashish, for thought provoking posts..

  3. admin 5 years ago

    Anonymous- I truly respect your idea. i guess, it is a sort of AUTO SUGGESTION. But, I would feel more convinced for this technique if you can disclsoe your identity please 🙂

  4. admin 5 years ago

    absolutely correct…and for such "bad day" why can't we try voluntary stammering technique…

  5. abhishek 5 years ago

    I can't agree more. Thanks for this post Ashish.For many years I have tried to make an important phone call just after some breathing exercise or meditation. I would search a noise free environment to speak. I would keep mum if I anticipate a bad speech day .

    finally I have mustered courage to speak out irrespective of my state of mind. Now if I stutter more on phone, the person on other end asks " am I speaking to ABHISHEK?? "

    Also earlier if I had to create an impression on a person, I would try my best not to stutter. Now whenever the slightest thought of creating impression on a person comes to my mind, I start bouncing. Hahaha;)


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