Experience of Air Force Interview

Hello friends
Last week I went to Dehradun for my AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) interview. My interview was scheduled to be from 25th May. I reached Dehradun the evening before with my father and brothers.

On the morning of 25th I reached MCO at Dehradun Railway station. We were taken to the academy by bus. After giving instructions about the interview our phase 1 of testing started. Phase 1 consists of 2 basic test – psychological test and picture perception and discussion test (PPDT). Psychological test is a basic test of mental ability. After this we were taken to a hall for PPDT. We were shown a blurred picture on which we have to write a story. In the picture I perceived a group of people providing some medical help to the injured. I thought of linking it to the Nepal Earthquake as it is a recent incident that took place. Then we were taken to a testing hall for narration and discussion. My chance was second and as soon the first candidate started his narration my heart beat starting running like bullet train (even more than that…hahahha). But as suggested by Sachin Sir I tried to focus on my breathing and inhale and exhale long breath. This made things easy and when my turn came I started loudly and very soon that bullet train became bullock-cart…hahaha. Then we had a discussion on the story. I spoke thrice. This finished our phase 1 testing.

We then had our lunch. During lunch we were talking about the test. I asked a guy who was in my group about my narration. He told me that my narration was quite good. We started conversation. During the conversion I told him that I stammer and he was shocked at this. He didn’t agree to accept it…but happily that is true. Another guy told me that my story was good and unique. While talking to other candidates I came to know that many are from my home city Jaipur. Candidates were eagerly waiting for result although I was quite from inside as my aim was not to get selected and I didn’t get selected too. But my motive was to have a learning experience and I think this should be the motive of a PWS.

Ravi Kant Sharma (PWS)
Jaipur +91-9461257111


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Great! One should appear for interviews- sometime, just for fun! One can learn a lot, that way. And being open and cool about stammering is the best strategy..

  2. abhishek 4 years ago



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