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Taking the SHG feedback SERIOUSLY (!), I announce JP as the Asst National Coordinator, who will replace me in 6 months to a year. We all know him, as one of the founders of TISA, of Pune SHG and as someone who has facilitated Communication workshops, NCs etc. etc.. list is long..
I am sure, you also know that in an open community like TISA, it is the SHGs and you as individuals, participants, volunteers – play a much bigger role than National Coordinator! Please continue playing your central and important role. National Coordinator is there to just facilitate flow of information and keep an oversight. Please help JP with that. Dont hesitate to drop him an email, if you have a bright idea or if you are facing some issues.
New readers, who may not know this “wonderful JP” can search/ browse old posts. One of his many posts, I have always enjoyed going back to, is this one. His Interview (part 1, part 2).
(NB: I am not going anywhere btw. No cave in Himalayas for me, I am afraid. But I do need some quiet time.) (Pic: JP getting feedback from a participant!)


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Thanks JP, for accepting my request..
    All of us are behind you! (some dogs too!)

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Great!! Congratulations !!

  3. admin 5 years ago

    A good decision, off course!!

  4. admin 5 years ago

    Great!!! Congratulations JP…..!!!

  5. Vishal Gupta 5 years ago

    Congratulation !!!

  6. abhishek 5 years ago

    Congrats JP… I watched your youtube video on stammering at work place.It was awesome


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