Rainbow after the rain – Bengaluru


Our meeting started at 10.30 AM in cubbon park.
Members: Mohit, Sharath, Rueben, Anshuman , Pramod ,Rohit, Akash and myself Nishil.

This meeting was a special one for our firebrand host Sharath. His first organising the SHG
We started off with the introduction round. The bread and butter of our meet getting our worst feared word out sets the stage for upcoming events.

Next was a discussion on Godmen. What is the inspiration for individuals like ourselves to get attracted to godmen? Why do individuals get attached to an idea and become close minded? . Each one of us shared our thoughts on the issue.
The major points that came out were .
Fear: People join a particular cult in times of dire need and will stick to it lest their worst dreams manifest in case they leave the cult.
Hope: Godmen and cults in general tell the things people want to hear and thus offers a place where people are not judged. The assurance given by godmen that everything will be alright gives a sense of hope that things will turn out to be good.
Upbringing: Starting from birth the environment in which we are brought up has a profound influence on the way we think and act. This causes us to believe in or reject a person or thought based on hearsay of our elders and peers.
After a very thought-provoking discussion we moved on to our next activity.
Next was the topic to unsettle each of us by giving the most hardest topic to speak on without preparation.
Impromptu Speeches:
The most challenging type of public speaking, when your mind is not prepared to think of substitutions or structure of the speech contents. Either of these things occur One
your brain races past your inhibitions and you gain your unadulterated free flowing speech
your mind subdues you to think too much at this situation gets stressed out and you are lost in no man’s land. This was a fun activity as the topics chosen were very challenging

After this activity the skies opened up and the whole crowd of cubbon park huddled in our small hut.
It was already 1.PM and we left amidst the pouring rains after a wonderful start to the day in cubbon park.


We are meeting every sunday at Cubbon park – Interested people can get in touch with the below mentioned contacts.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Rainbow after the rain – Bengaluru

    Reuben Lopes

    (June 27, 2015 - 5:50 am)

    Nice one Nishil


    (June 27, 2015 - 5:54 am)

    If I may, I would like to add on the topic of Godmen: There are genuine saints too like Sri RamakRishna and many others in the world- who give you more than Hope (as he did to Sw Vivekanand). BUT yes, you need to be careful, because for every one genuine saint, there are 99 who have not arrived yet.. Hope you get, what I am trying to say!
    Nice to see people coming out and doing diffciult things! Very inspiring! Congrats everyone!

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