Experiences of stammering at my workplace

Frankly i was also scared of stammering acting as an obstacle in my career and that fear is correct also. But every aspect in career is equally important and employers also value those. Earlier i used to reach office late to do the work and  stammer with fear.Of late i have started reaching earlier in the office and showing enthusiasm and energy in me ,just like  going and talking(of course , with stammering) to every person who passes by and showing a smile to them. So I noticed that people also look for other qualities in you besides stammering. And my boss who didn’t assign me any good assignment recently assigned me a good work. I felt that energy in my voice(  inspite of stammering) and   my reaching the office early and my enthusiasm to build  relations with people of other department( I feel , whenever your boss might be walking in the corridor and he sees you hanging with other department people is actually a good sign , considering that u  don’t hang out for hours) might have changed my boss perception slightly. Although I have not been assigned a herculean task but still to witness a small positive change in your boss towards you is a minor victory. I think , I am getting too excited , I should also  strive to perform well in the assignment which has been given to me but nevertheless such minor victories help u build faith in yourself and in general towards other people also.

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Loved your last line…
    This is true cure…
    Keep marching to an "inner" drum…

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Wow Karan…you are on the right track brother…
    Keep this spirit…All the Best..


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