If he can do then even we can do because he is a human too !


Becoming a Google’s employee is a dream for many and few people never consider Google as a dream job as they think they wont fit with their standards.
One day we will realize that because we are dreaming little – we are not achieving big !
But what this buddy has shown to this world proves once again that becoming excellent in a skill is an on-going process and so as the stammering.
Lets have bigger dreams and even bigger efforts to support our dreams, As days pass we shall become more and more stronger…Life is living and experiencing the lesson and living again with the lesson learnt in a more intelligent way..
Together we step up..together we succeed !
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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Very true, Rajesh!
    Our problem is: we have stopped dreaming. We have become fully grounded in the so called "Reality"… Full of fears, of failing…
    The story was amazing…


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