Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report- 19th July

Hi Guys…

This Sunday we had a longest SHG meeting ever of 4 hours. We talked as much we can. We met as per the schedule at 3pm in barik ground danapur.  We were 3 people – Mohit, Suraj and Krishna. 

Due to sizzling hot weather,  we decided to move on near the sone river but due to no space for the sitting we moved into ground for the meeting.

Today Our agenda was-

1. Discussion about the NC 2015
2. Breathing exercise
3. Practice our respective techniques. 
4. Full chit chat
5. Expansion of shg members.

We started with a general talks and discussions about the NC 2015. We think that the right venue for the NC will be not delhi but dehradun.  As delhi is Easy to reach and anyone can reach it easily but reaching Herbetpur or dehradun is quite struggling for the Stammers like us. But as vishal said all the decision has been taken so let’s meet up in delhi. 

Our leader suraj is always been a fun part of the meeting and always play a role of a nautankibaaz in the group. He is a non-stop man having lots of talks. Although he is a quite talented and much socialize person than any Stammer I come across. 

On the same side, krishna is a shy kind of person who generally talk less. He says this happens due to the social and personal pressure on himself. Krishna taught us something inspiring message to all of us- He is having a lot of personal problems,  but beside from these problems and worries, he keep on smiling. I think this is the best part of anyone’s life.

We tend to forget our beautiful smiles as problems surround us. But how can we forget this lovely life which we get only once.

TISA salutes guys like krishna !

We also discuss about the expansion of the Patna SHG members. We are thinking to spread the message of SHG through pamphlet and digital world. Let’s see how far we can go..

We then did our breathing exercises for 10 minutes and finally we left the ground as one army guard start whistling and warning us to leave the ground asap lol.

We then dispersed by taking wonderful pictures.

Thanks for reading our report..

Have a fabulous weekend.. !!!

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  1. krishna kishor 5 years ago

    Very good mohit ,looking forward to next shg meeting .


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