My life changed- Skype works!

Just received a testimony from Arvina about usefullness of Skype sessions:
aaj se last year mere ko bhut stammer tha.ek b
word nai bol sakti thi,jb se mane skype call attend kiya hai meri speech
me bhut improve hua call ko 3 month ho gye hai join kiye bhut
improve ho gya hai.ab mera confidence increase hua hai or ab me other
person ke sath baat kar sakti call se bhut motivation milti hai
or bhut kuch sikhne ko mila hai .3 month me mera bolna ka style change
ho gya hai.ek or baat bolna chauge ki kbi honsla nai chhodna chaiye .or
zindgi me aage badhna chaiye.thnx all of you.thnx a lot sir.
Ed. Thank you Arvina. Your few words will inspire many others and Skype organisers.  Keep practising.Do come to NC (Mother of all Therapies!!)

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  1. admin 4 years ago

    sometimes I forget that skype call is sister of all therapies!! have to join regularly. Thanks Arvina for sharing.You have a refreshingly unique name..

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Really good to hear such positive words from you Arveena….I hope you excel well


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