Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 26th July 2015

Hello friends, 

This Sunday we had our meeting at danapur started around 4pm. There was two members- Suraj and Krishna (I unable to attend because of some urgent work).

Meeting started with a funny but descriptive chit chat. We were talking in prolonged techniques. Suraj had given some tips on phone conversation as he is a master of doing calls using conferencing. Suraj also given the insight of how to start your speech using the first word as the biggest challenge is to start the initial words. We also talked in a slow pace speech. We also did breathing exercise for 15 minutes. 

At last we went to near by mandir  and the talked about our next shg meeting as we were planning to go maner by bikes which is 30km away from danapur. We ate ice cream and sharply at 6am we both left.

Feedback by new member (krishna): I am just trying to come out of my comfort zone and after joining Tisa I am more confident persons.

Written by Krishna..
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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Good efforts Patna SHG. Remember continuity of practise is the key to success.
    May all Beings be Happy.


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