Bangalore SHG Meeting Report 09 Aug 2015

Attendees: Sharath, Nishil, Pramod, Kavish, Praveen, Raman, Rakshit and me (Aditya).

I reached the Cubbon park at 10:30., I was a bit late, but there were only 4 members there. 
As I reached the SHG venue, Pramod was telling about our two most consistent and regular members of SHG meeting, they are the two dogs who are always there in our meeting. Pramod name them as “Nameless Friends”.
As we were only 5 members there so we club the two rounds i.e. introduction round and table topic round into one round. So one by one we start giving our introduction and then we have to speak on topic given to us for 3 minutes.
During the above round the other 3 members also joined the meeting and they also participated in the above round.There was also a one new guy Rakshit from Mandya
Then next round was prepared speech round, but only Nishil had brought the prepared speech. He explained about basics of share market and trading.
The next round was a debate round. So, the topic was “Learning From Books Vs Learning From TV/Video”. We had healthy discussion on that.
The next round was very much scary for me as I was first time doing that.
It was a talking to strangers round. We were divided in the group of 2,2 and 3.
I was paired up with Kavish. We ask the strangers about what they know about stammering, and told them about TISA and SHGs etc. I didn’t talk much or I rather I only spoke one or two sentence in that round, but Kavish was quite active. Even a lady told him that she couldn’t recognize that he is a stammerer.
After that all the members meet and concluded the meeting by sharing their experience about the above round. Sharath told that his group played some prank on the stranger.
Next week we are planning to do more creativity in this round like playing pranks or role play or something else.
So wait till next Sunday to see what will we do.
PS: I am still scared for that talking to strangers round.
Aditya Choudhary
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    (August 13, 2015 - 6:41 am)

    nice report Aditya!!!

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