Jaipur SHG Meeting Report – 19th Aug 2015

Hello Friends…

Clouds was moving in the sky….It was a pleasant day.

We were 3 members – Aman, Chandraprakash & me(Anurag). We reached at exact 4 pm.

This was the first meeting without Ravi Sir who had been conducting meetings for two years. He has secured his job and posted in Mumbai. So we were feel a little fear before this meeting.

This was 2nd meeting for Aman but i meet him first time. So i was very hungry to meet with him. He told me later that he is inspired by Sachin sir & Ravi sir strongly.

The meeting started with introductions. Other sequence in which the meeting conduct..
  • Last week experiance.
  • Discussed on motive of SHG
  • Talk about Strength of SGH. Finally we reached a point that “Our members are the strength of our SHG. Number of members also a part of our strength.”
  • Chandrprakash surprised us with a prepared speech.
  • Discussed on “when we stammer in front of anyone then what type of thoughts comes in our mind and what solution of negative thoughts”. At last we reached at a point that acceptance is cure of all thoughts.
  • tongue twister reading.
  • Chandarprakash told us about bouncing and prolongation techniques.
  • Aman shared his life experience.
  • Talk to strangers. we get a positive response from strangers.

 after 4 houres at 8 pm we leave the central park with a smile on our face.
We really miss Ravi kant sir. We will try to fulfill the space of Ravi sir.

Anurag Tetarwal (PWS)


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    nice ini

  2. admin 4 years ago

    nice initiative anurag bhai .
    it will certainly inspire us to leading a SHG

  3. admin 4 years ago

    Wow Anurag…you guys have done a great job..
    Please keep meeting like this and keep improving your communication skills…
    My best wishes are with you…All the Best
    and please do add some humour activities too and post the pic also…and I miss you too guys


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