Patna Bihar SHG Report 23 Aug 2015

Hello Guys..
The weather was so wonderful that we were excited for our next meeting. We gathered as per the schedule at kumhrar park right at 3.30 pm.
Total AttendeesSuraj, Krishna and Mohit
We began our meeting with a sip of cold-drinks bought by suraj. We started with a normal chit-chat and then we shared our experiences with stammering on weeks. As the suraj is always been a jolly person so we enjoyed his company.
We continue doing our practice by reading the books for 10 minutes each. Suraj has taught us the right way to communicate and reading to both Krishna and me. It was a very informational solution by suraj.

It was a short meeting of 1.5 hours as we were unaware of the park closing timing.

Thanks for reading.. 

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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Great 🙂 you guys are awesome. I am also from Patna, but working at Shimla. Would love to join your shg meeting when I come on leave


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