Dehradun SHG Meeting– 23rd August, 2015 and 30th August, 2015

Whenever I come here to share our experiences at Dehradun SHG Meet, I am always excited! This is because each and every week I meet new PWS, get to know their experiences and each time I learn something new.

Learning is an everlasting process!


So on 23rd August, 2015 we had two new members added to Dehradun SHG (I’m very happy !!). Mr Dinesh Kumar Soni, our macho man of Allahabad and Mr Shubham Khanduri, a 3rd year B Tech student from Dehradun. Other than these two, Ashish, Parvez and Mohit were present.

As usual, we started with the introductions. Dinesh told us about his education, work, family, stammering experiences. Similar was the case with Shubham. Both were pretty much excited and this was true as they were present in the next meet as well !!

Then we had an activity which I hope everyone enjoyed, This was a 2 people role play activity. Here, two people performed an act on a given situation. Shubham and Ashish did a fantastic job of playing the characters of a customer and a vegetable vendor respectively. Parvez and Dinesh pulled the act perfectly of a driving license seeker and a corrupt government employee. The way Dinesh did the act, it seemed as if he is certainly a corrupt officer !! (Sadly, this is not true !!) Mohit had to go solo as there was no partner in crime ! He scolded the students for not performing upto the expectations of their Kathak teacher.

Then everyone was asked to voluntarily stutter on their name, address and phone numbers. The facial expressions, undoubtedly, were the best I have ever seen !!

Then we had and intellectual discussion on the topic of SMART CITIES. And I must admit that the points put up by all the participants were really good. Some of the points were –

  • Cleanliness of the city
  • Cleaner fuels for Public transport. Upgrading the public transport.
  • Inclusion of Metros and Mono Rails.
  • Setting up of Technological parks, wi fi connections, making paper work digital.
  • Setting up of ITI for training youths in various skills. 
  • Proper layout of city roads, drainage pattern.
  • Curb on the enroachment of lands and forests.
The last round was about the National Conference awareness which was discussed by our veteran member, Ashish Lakra. PWS were urged to particpate in National Conference which will change their perspective of living the life. 
The last round was supposed to be the Strangers Talk, but sadly, the rains were not in our control !!
But we came to know that Mr Dinesh is an awesome poet and therefore we decided not  to bid good bye before we listen to some beautiful kavitaayen. Dinesh wrote these poems taking inspiration from his own life. It was nice to hear some great lines from a talented poet.


On 30th August, we met again as we all are men of words ( I hope so !!). This time again we had a new PWS from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand- Gaurav Dhulia, working as a deputy manager in SKF India. Dinesh, Shubham, Ashish and Mohit were there as well.

We again started with the introductions as a ritual !! But Ashish was late due to personal reasons. We gave our introductions and narrated a funny incident or any incident from our lives. It was good to know that none of the PWS considered stammering as their disability. They all have a positive approach towards life and that’s better than worrying about stammering.
Then we had a round of Tongue Twister activity. Every participant recited a tongue twister as it was given and then again using the feared letter as a substitute. Dinesh used A while Shubham used H. 
After Tongue Twister, we had a round of BUM Game where at a particular number and its multiple ,we had to say bum. For example, if we select 4, so it owuld be like this– 1,2,3, BUM, 5,6,7, BUM,9,10,11,BUM,13,1 BUM, 15, BUM and so on. The person who defaults, was thrown out !!
Then we finally decided to have Strangers Talk. This was fun. We decided to ask people about their Top 5 Eating Joints in Dehradun. Some answered the questions really well, some just didn’t care, some were not aware about the place, some girls thought we were being cheesy !! But at the end of the conversation we made sure that we tell them about our organization TISA and its activities.

So this was all about the meetings and we took a pledge of meeting next week without failure. In fact, we are considering about going to Herbertpur. This will serve two purposes- SHG Meet and meeting Sachin Sir as well !! Well before I put a stamp on this, I need to talk to Sachin Sir. Till then, be happy and Haklao Magar Pyaar Se…

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