BANGALORE SHG meeting report : 30 Aug , 2015

In this meeting , the strength of people wasn’t much , around 7 people attended the meeting . We started with introduction round . Everyone told their names , profession and hobbies in the introduction round and introduction was supposed to be concluded with impromptu speech of time limit 3 minutes . I was the timekeeper . Almost everyone was finishing their speech before the time limit . Since some people were not able to speak much on their topics we told that this round is more focused on testing and building confidence rather than presenting your knowledge about that particular topic .
After the introductions we went for role play activity , in which first role play round had teams of 3 members each , Kavish , Reuben and I presented an act in which two patients were trying to meet the doctor first and Sharath , Mansi and Balaji presented an act where two guys were bullying a girl who stammers . We conducted a few more rounds of role plays after which we moved to public interaction activity .
We made groups of two – two and three and went around in different directions in the Cubbon park to meet people and talk to them . After the activity we met at the same spot to talk about our experiences , Kavish’s group had managed to meet another stutters while meeting people during this activity and they brought him as well there , he met us and asked some questions about TISA , after getting included in the whatsapp Bangalore SHG group he left for the meeting he had in Cubbon park . In this activity everyone was able to meet some people and talk with them either about stammering or some other thing related to our day to day life . One of the my group asked people was , which is a better place to visit lal bagh or cubbon park , I and sharath were supposed to convince people to give in answer the place that we assigned each other , I convinced them to say that cubbon park is better whereas Sharath convinced them to answer that lal bagh is better . Everyone group had fun in this activity .
After this , Reuben told us a story regarding potatoes, eggs and tea for the prepared speech category.He always comes up with stories with good morals. 
After this activity we left for MG road to take treat from Akash for his new job .
Siddharth Sharma


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    (September 3, 2015 - 10:36 am)

    it was best SHG meeting ever. Role play was just awesome and during stranger talk we met new stammerer, a BONUS!


    (September 3, 2015 - 2:17 pm)

    Few mortals will dare to comment on God's post.. ha ha !
    Banglore SHG is is safe hands!


    (September 6, 2015 - 12:05 pm)

    Even god is laughing at your comment sir !!

    hehe !!

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